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Manage Every Moment - 3 ways to maximise your video content

One of the most compelling things about sport is that history is being captured, every hour of every day. Moments of glory, agony, celebration and defeat live long in the minds of fans and will often be discussed for many years to come. Yet these moments are also often chaotically stored, in archives, on hard drives, even on tape, which means sporting organisations must know where everything is and actively collect, preserve and organise this footage.

This creates an ongoing challenge. Today, sporting organisations do not just have to balance the archive mindset of posterity and preservation – they also have to cater for the huge appetite for on-demand content.

Download our exclusive report for insights on how to make the most of your asserts on AND off the pitch.

In this report we explore:


  • How to effectively manage moments from the past, present and future to get the content you need with ease and speed ti share with outlets, sponsors, and fans.
  • How to effectively manage content broadcast footage with intelligent automation.
  • How to effectively bring the moments that matter to the masses – fans, sponsors and partners – fast

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