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New Zealand Cricket & Imagen |Real-Time Content Enrichment

Date: March 10, 2023

Imagen, the media asset management technology company, is delighted to announce that New Zealand Cricket is using its software to centralize their media content and to live stream delivery of matches straight into their archive. 

New Zealand Cricket is auto-ingesting matchday live streams directly via SRT feeds into their Imagen media asset management platform, enriching the information and metadata in real time by connecting their Opta data to the content coming into Imagen. This is enabling their content producers, sponsors and third party partners to access and use this content in near real-time. 

With Imagen, media distribution workflows to rights holders have been simplified, and the federation can track license usage in a centralized, intuitive and accurate central repository while controlling access for internal and external users. 

New Zealand Cricket is pleased to be partnering with Imagen and using its live feed and archive system which will help its partners all over the world. Chris Smith, GM Commercial & General Counsel, said “It is great to be partnering with Imagen to take care of our live feed and archive management. It is exciting to be moving to this next stage of our media-management which will enable real-time ingestion of live content and a much more accessible way to utilise our content.”

Olivia Cianci, account manager at Imagen, says: “New Zealand Cricket needed a cloud-based media asset management solution to serve as a central repository for all its media rights content as well as enable real-time, live-file recording for live matches straight into the archive.  Cricket is a data-rich sport, so the live feed ingest capability, match log integration, and metadata-forward Imagen platform is empowering New Zealand Cricket to take control of their content in a modern way.”

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