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Content Production | Trends in Sport Into 2024

Date: September 5, 2023

Today, every sports organisation is a multichannel media business. Fan engagement is the key to driving revenues, and we are seeing sports delivering more diverse, richer, multiplatform experiences to their audiences. Some are launching their own OTT apps and channels. Think FIFA+ and the NBA app, for starters. Both offer original content, personalisation and access to real-time match updates, clips and highlights, aimed at rewarding and deepening fandom.

Traditional broadcast channels, over-the-top (OTT) platforms, and social media feeds play pivotal roles in generating excitement among fans. To maintain and grow a sport's viewership and engagement, a continuous flow of behind-the-scenes content, analysis, highlight reels, news, and interactive material is required before and after live events. This highlights the critical importance of short-form, non-live media in enhancing fan engagement alongside live game content.

So, how can you create great content with storytelling at its heart? How can you identify emerging trends in content production and utilize new technologies for content capture and sharing? How can you establish effective media workflows, and innovate new content formats to attract and engage both new and existing fans?

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