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Webinar | UX's Impact in Driving Business Growth

Date: November 1, 2021

An increasing number of industries are realising the value of their digital media archives by extending their geographic reach, increasing audience engagement, and generating content licensing revenue… but is your DAM able to scale smartly as your organisation and content grows?

As the volume of content and the metadata increases, your digital asset management platform has incredible potential to do more for your brand reach. In order to succeed, your users need to be able to quickly and easily find the content they want. With mindful and iterative design, you can minimise clutter, clicks, and confusion.

The session with Imagen's VP of Product, Brie Pegum covered:

  • How to broaden the reach of your content by providing a more accessible user experience
  • What short-term steps you can take to monitor and improve user engagement today
  • The influence of UX on adoption and scaling to drive business growth and maximize the return on your DAM.

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