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Client: ITF

Project: Archive & Access / Content Licensing

Platform: Imagen Pro

Advantage International Tennis Federation!

As the world governing body of tennis, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) administers and regulates the game through 210 affiliated national associations and six regional associations. As a result, the ITF has a vast back catalogue of archive footage that can be used by marketing departments and for licensing.

As part of a 5-year plan to completely digitise their archive, ITF needed a solution that could consolidate all of their content, ingesting archive assets and combining with digital-born assets in a platform that allowed for content to be discovered quickly and used right away.

With Imagen, ITF now have access to over 200 (and growing) ingested archive assets in addition to more than 500 hours of digital-born content, all from with a single cloud-based platform. Thanks to metadata tagging and time-based metadata, teams can now create collections of content aimed at specific clients, aiding the pitching process.

The platform also makes it simple for social media and digital marketing teams to put together campaigns quickly, and react to evolving circumstances. 

Key Features

  • Main repository for 5-year digitisation plan
  • Simple ingest of archive content in multiple formats
  • Time-based metadata tagging to find key moments
  • Simple and intuitive search
  • Single repository accessible to staff and member federations
  • ITF branded platform
  • Fast downloads of high-resolution files
  • Easy to create clips and collections

"With Imagen, our marketing teams are now able to quickly make use of winning points and celebrations, and the opportunities for clip sales and licensing has increased too"

Bethany Lowney, Commercial Department, ITF

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