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The Future of Media Distribution

Demands on media producers and distributors to deliver content to broadcasters, OTT channels and partners fast, accurately and securely are at an all-time high. This is driving a need for efficiency in the media supply chain.

In the past, when programmes and films were produced on film and tape, the steps in the media supply chain were separate and self-contained. But today, with so much content available in so many channels, being viewed on many different devices, a smooth and interconnected media distribution workflow is vital if media producers are to deliver programmes fast and efficiently to the channels and devices consumers are watching on.

The technology landscape today is changing and innovations by vendors in the media supply chain are providing solutions to these challenges, with new ways to deliver video content to broadcasters, OTT channels and partners.


We have put together this report alongside our friends at Wasabi. In it we look at the challenges around the delivery of content and the strategies and workflows being adopted by media companies to solve these.

You will discover how to structure workflows for media management and distribution, how to optimise the media supply chain and the advantages of a cloud-based approach.

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