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Webinar | DAM Best Practices & Insights

Date: March 18, 2020

Organisations often fail to appreciate the value of the content they already own. Huge sums of money are often wasted reproducing the same type of content. New photo and video shoots can be avoided if production teams and creatives are able to access and repurpose material in which the company has already invested - for marketing, internal communication, business continuity, training, social media, PR and more.

In this webinar, we are joined by Ben Mayfield, Network and Production Manager of BP-TV, to discuss how BP has made use of a century's worth of archival content - and what they create today - to champion the heritage of their brand, creating engaging new content and enjoying a dramatic return on investment.

In this session we will share best practices in managing and using digital asset management platforms, including:

  • The challenges in managing video and the importance of DAM best practice
  • How to strike a balance for the type of users you support across your organisation to maintain business continuity
  • Measuring the success of your DAM from metrics and KPIs to enhance ROI

"Because we have fed vast amounts of content into our platform, we have avoided incurring significant costs, in the region of £250,000, for re-shooting footage for just one of our films."

Manager of Film and Video, BP Internal Communications
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