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Webinar - Imagen's Virtual Tech Summit

Catch up on our virtual summit sessions with speakers from AWS, Diversified and more!

The pandemic hasn’t only changed the way we consume content, it’s changed the way we work. It’s clear that the explosion in content consumption has left us with more questions than answers. Catch up on our virtual summit sessions with speakers from AWS, Diversified and more, as they gave insight into some of those tricky questions.

Get your people and content properly acquainted
In this webinar our speakers looked at how the changing cloud infrastructure impacts media archives, and the need for change management to ensure the success of newly deployed technology.

Kristina Huddart, DAM Consultant, Huddart Consulting
Creating a Sense of Urgency for Change Management and User Adoption

Kevin Savina, Senior Partner Lead, Media & Entertainment, AWS
Migrating your archives into the Cloud – Why? When? and How?

Adapt or die – are you ready for the latest in content management?

In this webinar two speakers will look at the rise of NFTs and how applying agile methodology can help prepare your business for unforeseen business needs.

Katie Lundie, NFT Consultant
What are NFTs, and why are they useful?

Liz Davis, Diversified
Building the DAM of today, and tomorrow

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