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Fear of Buttons - Catching up with Consumer Quality of Experience

By: Lydia Bird

Catching up with consumer QoE (Quality of Experience).

Koumpounophobia is a fear of buttons. Steve Jobs allegedly suffered from Koumpounophobia. Some suggest it’s the reason he eschewed the shirt in favour of the turtleneck. The celebrated button dodger may also have been inspired by his phobia to imagine a sleek new world full of shiny, touch screen consumer products. Despite being sartorially limited, Jobs clearly knew the value of a good user experience.

Today, businesses are all too aware that the user experience plays a huge part in how we perceive brand and its values. It’s a science, an artform and a huge industry.

Naturally, the arms race around user experience plays out every day in our engagement with consumer products and services – where competition is fierce. In a world filled with choice, it is predicted that user experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator in 2020. 

While the consumer is being indulged like a spoilt child, the world of B2B technology sometimes falls short in providing the same level of QoE (Quality of Experience). That’s understandable – investment in innovation which drives incredible feats of software engineering and systems integration doesn’t always have the end-user in mind. Consequently, the user interfaces bolted onto hot tech can often feel utilitarian.

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However, that seems to be changing. Imagen sponsors the DPPs (Digital Production Partnerships) Annual Predictions report. Surveying a wide range of UK media tech companies, the report for the last two years has highlighted the importance of Quality of Experience (QoE). That means that broadcasters need to think more carefully about how they personalise services for TV audiences (or consumers in today’s parlance).  But it also recognises that suppliers of services to the industry also need to think about improving the QoE for people who spend all day working with technology in the media supply chain.

Producers, editors, film researchers, cataloguers, distributors and archivists would all appreciate irritation free and frictionless ways of engaging with media technology. Intuitive interfaces full of helpful feedback, personalisation, responsive design and natural language – everything that tech consumers have been taking for granted for years.

At Imagen we take a keen interest in how end-users interact with our software – we want to help them achieve their goals. We look at every part of the user journey from end to end. From the moment when users register, to the point where they order clips or rearrange the layout of their account page – and every point in between. Our video management platform is highly customisable precisely because we know that business goals vary so widely. It’s used equally successfully in sports, media and across businesses to help content owners make the most of their media.

Our QoE doesn’t stop at great search, playback, clipping and fast delivery of media. We also provide you with a comprehensive suite of customisation tools so you can craft the perfect user interface – to reflect your brand and promote your content. You can do it yourself or let our pro services team build it for you.

The content you own is valuable – don’t blow it on a poor user experience. Bad UX design starts as a nuisance, but over time it can seriously damage your business. It can even cause nuclear power plants to partially meltdown.

A good user experience can:

  • improve efficiency and productivity within businesses
  • increase customer loyalty – important for long term business success
  • deliver increased return on your investment in the content you own

Interaction with your video or rich media content should be slick, intuitive and well designed so that users don’t have to work hard. Whether you’re providing a service for staff within a corporation, or delivering broadcast quality content to broadcasters, Imagen helps you reflect the quality of your brand through a world class user experience.

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