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7 Steps to Improve Your Sports Video Content Strategy

It’s no surprise that the content and media people within leagues, teams and federations have tough performance targets to hit, just like the sports they represent.

These can range from driving engagement in established markets via social media and other channels to increasing loyalty and franchising opportunities, not to mention spurring greater brand awareness in overseas markets and developing new revenue streams. 

Good content should always provide information, develop relationships, help build trust, and deliver new customers. However, without setting out specific goals and parameters, you run the risk of the content being released in an ad hoc fashion, untargeted, and without any clear holistic plan.

Having a well-developed content strategy is crucial. 

Download the Report to learn how to:

  • Set specific goals and parameters
  • Define your audience and objectives
  • Deliver content to the right audiences, fast
  • Manage your content archive
  • Measure your results

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