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How to share business video the easy way

By: Lydia Bird

A media asset management platform can provide a one-stop storage solution for all of your business video (as well as other media files).

But once you’ve uploaded your content, you’ll need to make your audience – colleagues, clients or the general public – aware of it. Fortunately, the Imagen platform has a wide range of options available to you…

1. Invitation email

The simplest method is to send an email to any nominated users, inviting them to view the content. You can set this to be sent automatically, and the email can be templated in the style of your brand or the web portal where the content is viewed.

If you have subscribers to a particular content channel, they can opt in for email notifications, based on the arrival of new content that fits their search criteria or just on a daily basis.

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2. Invitation to collaborate

Rather than just viewing the video, you might want others to collaborate on it – commenting, adding metadata and captions, tagging timecodes and so on.

In this case the invitation can be sent to multiple respondents, but you can limit it to those people or groups with the relevant privileges, and they’ll still need to log on to gain access to the content.

3. Share the URL

Once a video becomes available, you can direct viewers to it by sharing the URL via email, text, social media etc. If the content isn’t publicly available – or the link doesn’t have the right permissions – the URL will direct the recipient to a login page, keeping your content secure.

4. Open access

If you need to share content with individuals outside of your organisation, you can easily share a link for them to view. This can be done by pasting the URL into an email, or embedding the code into the HTML within a website or mailer.

However, you still have plenty of options to control its availability and access. You can impose specific go-live and expiry dates, for example, confine it to specific territories, and set limits on whether it can be downloaded or view-only.

In addition, you can create unique links to track who accesses your content, so it will be obvious who has shared their link with third parties if your content gets into the wrong hands. 

5. Embedded video

Video content can be embedded on your own platform – a corporate website’s news pages, for example – providing access to everyone who has permission to see it.

It can also be embedded on external websites and platforms, providing general viewing access without the need for personal identification. You still retain the option to revoke the embedding rights remotely, should you need to safeguard your media for any reason.

6. Social media

A great way of drawing attention to your content is by sharing clips on social media. The Imagen platform has tools to automatically publish extracts to YouTube and Twitter, with the facility of adding captions, as well as opening and closing stings and watermarks, ensuring that you retain ownership of the video.

In short, Imagen enables you to share your videos in all manner of ways to suit your brand, workflow and requirements:

Internally: You can share content within your organisation, either company-wide via a website or just with specific personnel who have the relevant access rights.

Externally: You can share content with people or groups outside your organisation using controlled, secure links you can track, or allow general viewing while still retaining control over how, when it’s available.

Whether you’re watching on demand, streaming live or delivering broadcast-ready files, Imagen connects your audience with the content they need – at the fastest speeds.

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