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What is a media management platform (and why should you care?)

By: Dominik Elmiger

Creating rich media is easy: businesses like yours generate reams of documents, presentations, spreadsheets, images, photos, high-resolution graphics and video files. But while typical documents can be a few megabytes in size, a minute of 4K video takes up around 350MB, even when compressed. Before you know it, you can quickly accumulate terabytes of digital assets and, without a suitable management system your library can rapidly become chaotic and unworkable.

You could, of course, manage your archive by hand. Many people do. This involves manually tagging assets and storing them in suitable folders, or manually uploading them to file sharing services and streaming sites. But it’s a hugely labour-intensive operation and a poor use of resources. Libraries like this are hard to search effectively, can’t easily be accessed by other users, and they suffer from a lack of scalability and security. Worse still, assets might be spread across multiple locations and stored in a variety of formats.

A far better solution is an automated media management platform that does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. This might be a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system or Media Asset Management (MAM) software.

How to make sense of the content management landscape

DAM, PAM and MAM are three acronyms, which may be casually referenced in your office, with the assumption that everybody knows not just what they mean, but what the differences are.

It brings order to chaos

The most obvious upside of media management is bringing order to the way you store and retrieve your content. An organised workflow means you can keep track of every file, including raw footage, edits and revisions. But it also applies to old content, which can be digitised and preserved in a standard format that’s easily categorised. And it’s all stored in the cloud, making it accessible to anyone at any time.

You can find what you need, quickly

The direct benefit of all this order is that you can now find what you want with just a few mouse clicks. No more rummaging through multiple hard drives, CDs or even VHS tapes. The Imagen system features an advanced search function, so you can drill down to a specific clip or find a range of similar footage.

It increases security and efficiency

Imagen’s enterprise-level security means that you have complete control over who sees your content, and what they can do with it – uploading, downloading or adding tags and comments. A sleek browser-based interface also provides a professional-looking front end with which clients can engage with your media, using a fast, high quality HD video player. You can even trim the footage and download just the segment you need.

You can unlock extra value

The value in your assets can be easily realised using Imagen’s built-in secure credit card payment system. Unlocking the hidden worth of your content is easy, once your asset management is in place. It also frees up staff that might otherwise be bogged down in endless requests to track down poorly labelled files.

In a world that’s generating more than 25 quintillion bytes of data every day, manually managing digital assets is an outmoded and inefficient practice. Moving to a powerful media management platform as part of a digital transformation initiative can improve the way you work, streamline workflows and deliver additional revenue.

Imagen helps your business communicate and work more effectively through video

  • Do you need to simplify the way you manage the mountains of media content you deal with on a day-to-day basis? 
  • Are you struggling to share, distribute and license your video
  • Do you want to give your partners, internal / external staff members and agencies a content experience they will crave

Imagen gets your footage to the right people, in the right places, at the right time. Secure, measurable and unbelievably quick, discover how leading companies like Aon, BP, Premier League, Major League Baseball and the BBC use Imagen to unlock value from their video.

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