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The changing face of video management

By: Lydia Bird

The way businesses manage and distribute media has changed dramatically in the past ten years. Like the recent #10YearChallenge meme that caused a stir on social media, there is often a world of difference between the technologies of 2009 and those of 2019.

It’s hardly surprising. In this age of digital transformation, you can’t hope to use old processes and systems to effectively and speedily manage media today.

There’s an expectation, for example, that media requests should be fulfilled in seconds rather than hours (or days). So having a media library where files are scattered across local computers, DVDs, and shared Dropbox folders just won’t cut it.

There’s an expectation that sharing, promoting and licensing media should be easy and automatic. So why would you have a media library controlled by a slow-to-respond human gatekeeper who needs to send out content manually?

There’s an expectation that security should go beyond simple password protection; that content should only be seen by those who need to see it. So having a media library that doesn’t include extra authentication options such as Single Sign-On and watermarking seems absurd.

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‘The changing face of media management #10YearChallenge’, compares the outdated strategies of 2009 and compares them to smarter, faster, safer and much more versatile tactics in use today. How many of them is your business using?

How can Imagen help solve your media management headaches?

Using Imagen as its internal video sharing platform, Cimpress host hundred of videos for their global workforce of 6,500 employees in 40 offices around the world. The content ranges in style and size, from CEO messages, to business presentations, product demonstrations, company successes and achievements, and ‘telepresence’ meetings where confidential information is sometimes shared.

The flexibility of Imagen’s video platform means Cimpress can tailor it to its needs, from matching the company’s brand requirements to configuring user group permissions for sensitive content.

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