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Media management solution: building the business case

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When speaking to potential customers, we tend to find that implementing a new media management solution is low on their organisation’s priority list. To the person on the ground managing the media content, it’s of the upmost importance but it’s a struggle to get buy-in from budget holders and decision makers.


If you aren’t directly involved in media production, management or distribution, then you won’t be feeling the pain inflicted by poor media management. And, for that reason you’re unlikely to understand the impact that implementing an effective media management solution would have.

The saying “if it ain’t broke” also springs to mind; it’s hard to make stakeholders consider any project as a high priority when theoretically it isn’t essential. 

The need for a compelling business case

The way to get around this and guarantee buy-in is to produce a robust business case. By robust, we mean full of facts and figures that will make people stop and listen; this may sound like it’ll be difficult to do, but in fact it’s simple.

What to include

This guide will walk you through how to construct your business case, as well as what measures to use to calculate those persuasive statistics.

By calculating statistics that can be interpreted in terms of money or time, you begin to speak the language that board members and/or heads of department understand. Once you can convey what the project would do for the business in terms of quantifiable benefits and savings, as well as improved efficiencies, you’re far more likely to get people’s attention.

It’s the difference between decision makers saying, “maybe next year” and “we need to do this now because it’ll deliver x, y, z efficiencies.” And the sooner you can get this buy-in the better – it’s you with the headache, after all.

If you need help, contact us and we can talk you through how our other customers have succeeded in this area.

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