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Meet Stasha - Your Creativity Killer


By: Lydia Bird

So many digital media files, so many places to store them. Sometimes, finding the file you need in a hurry is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s not surprising your creative flow is frustrated when you can’t find the resources you need quickly. Meet Stasha, one of the five Creatures of Content Chaos, putting all your files in all the wrong places.

Right now, it’s my job to write this blog. Before I composed this opening gambit, I went through a special ritual to put me in the perfect ‘blogging state’. There’s a cup of tea to my left resting on my monitor base – can’t start without my rocket fuel. Then a playlist to set the mood. Brian Eno was so Covid-19 Lockdown 1. How about some Boards of Canada? No, Neil Young.

Ah, the pursuit of inspiration! The agonising wait for the Muse to descend like a benevolent angel. Give it a name – procrastination.

Creativity can be full of quirky habits – anything to get you through (the word count). Mixtures of left and right brain activity, conscious and unconscious processing.

Psychologist Graham Wallis put forward a theory of the four stages of the creative process in The Art of Thought way back in 1926. Preparation, Incubation, Illumination and Verification. All of that just to come up with an entertaining, yet informative 800-word blog (not including title or sub header).

For those of us who pursued a career in marketing to craft beautiful campaigns and tell compelling stories, we rely on productivity and design tools to help us meet our deadlines and deliver high-quality sales materials. We need fast, easy access to our raw materials – brand assets, logos, approved video, images and documents – and a place to collaborate and share work in progress with our team, co-workers or agencies.

Whether you’re working on explainer videos, product pdfs, pitch decks or infographics, there’s nothing worse than having your flow frustrated and your creative juices curtailed. I’m talking about those moments when the spark is there but you can’t find the assets you need to set your campaign on fire.

Keeping that momentum going is vital, particularly when an idea is fresh and front of mind. For many businesses, those digital media assets are scattered across staff laptops, USB sticks, unfathomable office applications like Sh**point and Donna Corrigan’s G-drive – and she left the business last month.

When you’re up against it, it feels like something or someone is conspiring against you – interrupting inspiration, frustrating your flow. It’s like there’s an annoying creature that’s trying to make your creative life even more difficult than it is already.

You’re not paranoid. That Creature of Chaos exists. Let me introduce you to Stasha. 

Stasha - putting all the wrong files in all the wrong places.
Stasha puts all your digital files in all the wrong places.

Stasha hides your valuable files amongst other digital corporate assets like documents and spreadsheets – in folders three levels deep with obscure names.

As a result, when marketing teams are in the middle of a campaign production cycle, it either takes way too much time to find what they are looking for – or even worse, they can’t find it at all. That’s not good for creative flow. That leads to a drop in productivity – campaigns are compromised, deadlines are dashed, marketing spend fails to return the investment. Oh dear – Naughty Stasha. ☹

Introducing Imagen Go
Imagen Go solves this problem by providing a ‘one source of truth’ repository for all types of digital media assets and related documents. Imagen Go is optimised for storing, managing and interacting with video and rich media assets. It helps organise content into logical projects and uses smart AI services to automatically tag your files. That means you can use keywords or phrases to find the file you need instead of trying to remember complex or truncated file names. You also don’t need to go searching through dozens of nested folders on your laptop. Imagen Go’s powerful search engine and filter controls will hook you up with the files you need in seconds.  

Imagen Go manages all types of video, rich media and documents with ease and enables users to preview, share and annotate files within a simple, intuitive platform so marketing teams can navigate their way through their corporate media assets more easily and fulfil their creative role more efficiently.

So the next time you’re breaking out in a cold sweat because you’re about to crash a deadline, just remember – there is a solution that will help you to defeat Stasha and keep your content chaos in check. You can even try it for free – right here.

Content Chaos
  • Store video, images, audio, office documents
  • Simple search and filtering
  • Easy user management
  • Smart AI auto-tagging
  • Share links to files with clients and stakeholders
  • Drag and drop uploads
  • Flexible, scalable storage – add more storage any time you need it.

  • More time to be creative (carry out your real job) – instead of looking for/managing files 
  • Users can find files quickly and easily – saves time, increases productivity
  • Save money – when you can find what you need, no need to recreate/duplicate content
  • Non-technical and intuitive – no training required
  • Enables growth and better return on investment with more efficient use of time

Imagen Go

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