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Why we created Imagen Go - with VP of Product, Brie Pegum

Imagen VP of Product, Brie Pegum, answers key questions about the launch of Imagen Go.

By: Lydia Bird

Video transcript below:

My name is Brie Pegum and I am VP of Product at Imagen. I am responsible for product strategy and innovation.

Why did we develop Imagen Go?

Imagen has a 25-year history of helping organisations to better manage their content archives. What we found was that media managers are not the only ones that face the administrative burden of managing digital content.

We spoke to a number of creatives and digital managers and found that they have a hard time managing working assets as well. So we wanted to help them better store and organise their media as well have a better, centralised location to collaborate on that media while it is going through that design process. Imagen Go is designed to help organisations control the content chaos.

Which teams would benefit from Imagen Go?

Imagen Go is designed to help any teams that manage creative content whether that is external marketing and creative agencies, or internal marketing departments, IT departments or sales teams.

How does Imagen Go solve the daily frustrations around content management?

Imagen Go is an intuitive Digital Asset Management solution designed to remove the complexities of managing digital media. 

We do this by helping you store and organise all of your working assets, be they project-related files or document files in a smarter way. And also by helping you collaborate across distributed teams so you can centralise the feedback process without having to move large files back and forth.

How does Imagen Go improve content discovery?

Smart content organisation is really about better discoverability of content. With the power of AI indexing, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for in seconds. Imagen Go will automatically create audio transcripts, image tags and text extraction from all your files so you can find them instantly.

How can Imagen Go make it easier to collaborate on work remotely?

Bringing teams together to work on assets within Imagen Go helps distributed collaboration. This is because you can add internal and external members to a secure project, you can speed up the edit and review process without sending large files via email or transfer services and you can also signal changes to status and edits via timecoded comments.

How is Imagen Go different to Imagen Pro?

Imagen Pro has been helping media companies, sports organisations, enterprise businesses to better manage their media archives for over two decades. Opening up these archives to a wider audience for education, entertainment, and licensing and now Imagen Go helps the teams that created those finished assets by providing them with some tools for smarter content discoverability and better collaboration.

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