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Imagen ready for Chrome's Picture in Picture

Google’s new flexible video view supported by leading video platform

London, UK – 5 September, 2018 – Today, Google launch the 69th version of Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser. With over 2 billion installs worldwide, the browser enables connected devices to surf the internet and watch video – and increasingly in our busy, multi-tasking lives, – both at the same time.

Picture in Picture (PiP) is a new feature in Chrome which allows users visiting PiP enabled video platforms to extract a video from a web page, move it across screens and carry on watching while they scroll around or visit another website.

Anticipating the benefits of the new PiP feature, the Imagen development team worked with a beta release of Chrome version 69 to build in support for the feature ahead of its release.

From today, anyone visiting an Imagen media portal will be able to extract video from the player, reposition it and watch while they carry on with internet sessions elsewhere.

Already supported in Apple’s Safari browser, PiP delivers a productivity boost and extra convenience for typical Imagen platform users such as media managers, film researchers or broadcast production teams searching for content against tight deadlines.

Tim Jobling, CTO at Imagen said

“Chrome’s new Picture in Picture capability is something we knew we had to support when we spotted it in the Beta release. Anyone who spends their time researching and previewing video will really appreciate the added flexibility and ability to multi-task.”

About Imagen

Imagen helps sports organisations and media companies to manage and distribute their ever-growing media libraries – enabling fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through a highly customisable content portal.

Speed to market, greater choice and ease of access are critical to maximising the value of sports content. Imagen allows rights holders to monetise near-live video assets more effectively via a premium content distribution portal. Offering pin-point time-based video searching, instant playback, online editing and high-speed file transfers Imagen also unlocks the full commercial potential in your archive.

With customers including the Premier League, IMG, ATP Media, WTA and many more, Imagen implements a unique set of processes and technical expertise to ensure that video is managed in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. As the sheer amount of video data grows throughout the world, Imagen strives to create a platform that can generate more revenue from legacy and near-live video – as well as preserving priceless sporting archives for the next generation of fans.

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