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Discover How Media Licensing is Changing in the Current Climate

Global broadcasters are seeking new licensing deals to fulfil their adapted schedules but are content owners ready to sell their catalogue online?

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global media-entertainment industry has been unprecedented. Sport and much other live output is suspended, productions are on hold, and cinemas are closed across much of the world. But with billions confined to their homes for large parts of the day, the role of media could not be more vital, as an informer, educator, and entertainer.

As a result, broadcasters and online platforms are now increasingly reliant on new media licensing deals to fulfil their content schedules. To take advantage, production houses and rightsholders are having to shift from their traditional face-to-face licensing practices in order to promote and monetise their catalogue safely online.

Download this exclusive report to explore:

  • How media consumption has changed
  • The great rush for broadcasters to fill their schedule gaps
  • Insights from the businesses meeting new content demands
  • How to manage and license media online
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