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Share valuable content with clients and impress reviewers without the risk of piracy.

A game of delivery, it pays to get it right

Did you know that 187.4 million people watched the first episode of Game of Thrones (Series 7) illegally, over 10x the number that watched it legally? (

Small fortunes are sunk in production costs for TV series, blockbuster films and glossy ads – and yet they are often circulated for review using DVDs, low cost or even free file transfer tools which leave them open to piracy, reflect badly on brand and provide a poor user experience for customers, reviewers or judging panels.

There is a clear need for media production companies and film studios to provide secure preview copies for customers and reviewers, while protecting their valuable content from pre-release leaks caused by shared access, accidental delivery to the wrong person, and system hacks.

Topics covered in the whitepaper

Our white paper explores the challenges associated with distributing screeners to clients, reviewers and judging panels, including:

  • The importance of protecting preview content
  • The issues with current delivery methods
  • How DVD screeners are still a major source of content leaks
  • Distributing valuable content more securely
  • How to increase sales through a better user experience

Imagen for media

Imagen helps media companies to share and commercialise their content more easily via a secure, highly searchable media portal.

Manage media operations all from one powerful platform and deliver broadcast quality files to clients, reviewers and partners faster than ever before.

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